The best coffee shops and cafes to post up for work and play around Portland, Oregon.

Portland is a city known for its quirks, lush forest trails, and elevated dining experiences, but one of the places where Portland really shines is in its eclectic mix of coffee shops that satisfy a wide range of needs for liquid fuel. We’ve put together our list of the best coffee shops to hunker down in for every occasion.

Best places to get work done
- Water Avenue Coffee
- Elevator Cafe & Commons
- Anna Bannanas St. Johns
- Fillmore Coffee
- TwentySix Cafe
- Groundwork Coffee

Where to work in the evening
- Coffee Time

Where to take a date
- Kiosko
- Case Study Coffee

Where to go for a business meeting
- Heart Coffee Roasters

Best places to get work done

Water Avenue Coffee

Neighborhood: Inner Southeast Portland
1028 SE Water Ave. #145 Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @wateravecoffee

Water Avenue Coffee is an oasis of energy in Portland’s east side industrial streets. Boasting bright sunlight and ample seating both inside and out, Water Ave. has a spot for everyone (and most of those spots have outlets readily available). Lively and bustling, this shop has just the right amount of background noise to get into a groove.

Explore one of their seasonal lattes or grab a trusty cold brew and settle into work for the day. When it’s time to call it quits, pop in next door to Bunk Bar for a tasty sandwich and an “iceberg”. If you’re lucky, you might just catch a local band while you’re there.

  • What to drink: Nitro Cold Brew
  • When you’re hungry: Fresh pastries from Gluten Free Gem or the Spicy Avocado Egg Sandwich
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely.

Elevator Cafe & Commons

Neighborhood: Southeast Portland
1033 SE Main St. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @elevatorcc

Tucked away in a newly renovated warehouse in Portland’s central eastside, Elevator Cafe is the perfect industrial-feel study hall. Welcoming to those who are in it for the long haul, Elevator has ample clean desks for those looking to sip on a brew all day. Catch the shop on a warm day, and you can enjoy a seat with a cool breeze next to the roll-up garage door.

  • What to drink: Aeropress coffee
  • When you’re hungry: Grilled cheese with pesto
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely.
“We know you probably can’t stay here all day, but there’s no good reason you should leave.” - Elevator Cafe & Commons

Anna Bannanas St. Johns

Neighborhood: St. Johns / North Portland
8716 N. Lombard St. Portland, OR

Part grandma’s basement, part grandma’s cooking, Anna Bannanas is the ideal cafe to grab a tasty breakfast and settle in to a long day of work on one of the mismatched couches that fill the cozy space. This shop is ideal for those who do their best work while sinking into a comfy chair. After work, wander around the endearing streets of downtown St. Johns and take in the sights of the Cathedral Park bridge.

  • What to drink: Good ol’ fashioned drip coffee
  • When you’re hungry: Bacon Pesto Brie house made hand pie
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely.

Fillmore Coffee

Neighborhood: Montavilla
7201 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @fillmorepdx

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland, head out to Fillmore Coffee to enjoy a cup of locally roasted espresso in the Montavilla neighborhood. Fillmore has it all - tasty pastries, great coffee, and even a dog or two if you’re lucky. Head over late in the afternoon and enjoy a local beer, or start your day early and end with a hike at Mt. Tabor park nearby.

  • What to drink: Espresso on a cold day, Cold Brew on a hot day
  • When you’re hungry: The “Super Crazy Bagel”
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely.

TwentySix Cafe

Neighborhood: Irvington / NE Portland
2723 NE 7th Ave. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @twentysixcafe‌‌

Where to begin with TwentySix Cafe? A retro-vibe coffee shop nestled into the historic Irvington neighborhood, TwentySix is a great spot to spend part of your workday. Featuring rotating art exhibits and a pop-up plant shop, there’s always something new to look at. Sit inside amidst the plants, grab a seat on the back covered patio, or perch on the bench out front amongst the morning regulars while drinking their signature “not-too-sweet” Oregon Hazelnut Latte. On your way home, take a stroll down the street to Irving Park and jot down a future desire on one of Portland’s signature wish trees along the way.

  • What to drink: Oregon Hazelnut Latte
  • When you’re hungry: Avocado Toast
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely
“TwentySix Cafe always has friendly staff, great coffee, and lots of natural light. Overall, it’s a great place to post up and work for a few hours.” - Jeff Chenoweth, regular at TwentySix Cafe

Groundwork Coffee

Neighborhood: Slabtown / NW Portland
2355 NW Vaughn St. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @groundworkcoffee‌‌

Considering where your coffee comes from is important to a lot of Portlanders, and Groundwork Coffee helps put the mind at ease with their certified organic fairly traded coffee offerings. Tall ceilings, rustic wood tables, and the frequent sound of delicious espresso grinding in the background makes this a great shop for those who work best amidst the roar. Just a stone’s throw from all that Slabtown has to offer, it’ll be easy to explore one of Portland’s newest restaurants for a happy hour after work. Or better yet - pop into a class at one of the neighborhood’s local pilates and yoga studios.

  • What to drink: Espresso or Nitro Cold Brew
  • When you’re hungry: Breakfast Burrito
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely

Where to work in the evening

Coffee Time

Neighborhood: Nob Hill / NW Portland
712 NW 21st. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @coffeetimepdx‌‌

A true staple of the night owl, Coffee Time is one of the few coffee shops in Portland that is open past regular working hours. Closing at midnight, you’ll have plenty of time to swing through here after dinner to wrap up those tasks you didn’t quite get to during the day. Working on a late night passion project? Wander through the eclectic rooms at Coffee Time until you find that exact spot that will fuel ideas.

  • What to drink: Cascadia Coffee Roasters Coffee
  • When you’re hungry: Chicken Salad Wrap
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely

Where to take a date


Neighborhood: Downtown / South Waterfront
1816 SW River Dr. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @kioskocoffee

Akin to the tiny homes you see popping up in backyards across the city, Kiosko is exactly what you might expect from the name - a tiny kiosk turned cafe just steps from the marina along the South Waterfront of Portland. On a sunny day, it’s the perfect spot to relax and sip on a “true mexican mocha,” or to relish in knowing that you’re supporting a business that boasts an all-organic, plant-based, low waste production. Take a seat at one of the bistro arrangements outside, smell the fresh flowers adorning the table, and watch as Portlandiers run by with their pups. If all of the seats are being enjoyed by other patrons, take a stroll down the waterfront path and watch the dragon boats glide past Poet’s Beach.

  • What to drink: The True Mexican Mocha
  • When you’re hungry: Fresh daily delivered pastries from local bakeries
  • Laptop friendly? Only if you don’t need the internet

Case Study Coffee

Neighborhood: Alberta Arts District / NE Portland
1422 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @casestudycoffee

There are a few different locations of Case Study Coffee in Portland, but the location on Alberta Street is the prime first stop on a date with someone new. Selecting from outdoor and indoor seating options, carry on conversation regardless of the weather. When you’ve had your fill of caffeine, peruse an art gallery or two down the street and grab some grub at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood. Feeling adventurous? Explore the odd artwork at the nearby Kennedy School before going for soak in the illustrious Kennedy School soaking pool.

  • What to drink: Cappuccino
  • When you’re hungry: Locally sourced baked goods
  • Laptop friendly? Who needs one on a date? (But, yes).

Where to go for a business meeting

Heart Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: West End / Downtown
1123 SW Washington St. Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of @heartroasters

The newest Heart Coffee Roaster is just a short jump away from its previous location in downtown Portland, and the new, expanded location is the perfect place to grab a coffee with a business colleague. Bright light pours in through the front windows of this centrally located shop, and you can often find seating for 2-4 people.

  • What to drink: The daily espresso offering
  • When you’re hungry: Savory Porridge
  • Laptop friendly? Absolutely

Credit: Headline photo by Helena Lopes